Common Feedback Perception (CFP)


Status: Ongoing
2100 households surveyed each round

The Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project, referred to as the Common Feedback Project (CFP), is an innovative community engagement project, initiated during the response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015. The CFP collects and aggregates feedback from earthquake affected communities through a variety of sources, and advocates to have the voice of affected people heard in response decision making. The project's model has since been incorporated into Emergency Response Preparedness planning endorsed by the national government and UN system.

An independent evaluation of the Common Feedback Project, conducted in February 2016 found that the project had been successful in achieving its objectives, and recommended the project be continued throughout the earthquake reconstruction and recovery phase. The findings and recommendations of the evaluation were endorsed by the Project Executive Board. Additional project stakeholders, including l/NGO partners, have expressed their desire for the common service project to continue as well. Donors have come on board to support the continuation of the CFP, and have committed funding for a two-year extension, while requesting the project run for an additional four years, to cover the duration of the reconstruction phase.

The importance of accurate community feedback, and effective outreach to affected communities to close the feedback loop is well recognized by the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT), humanitarian partner’s and the government’s National Reconstruction Authority (NRA). Engagement with the NRA on fitting the community feedback components into their draft Communications Action Plan is ongoing.

 CFP Reports 

CFP: Reconstruction Report- May 2017                                             CFP: Protection Report- June 2017

CFP: Reconstruction Report- February 2017                                       CFP: Protection Report- March 2017

CFP: Food Security and Livelihood Report- March 2017                       CFP: Reconstruction Report- April 2017

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