One day Free Health Camp on Nanglebhare, 2015

Sensitizing smallholder farmers through roving seminar on the use of climate services

Post-Earthquake Activities of NDRI in Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction

A Half day Symposium on Implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030


Common Feedback Perception (CFP)
Status: Ongoing
2100 households surveyed each round

The Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project, referred to as the Common Feedback Project (CFP), is an innovative community engagement project, initiated during the response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015. The CFP collects and aggregates feedback from earthquake affected communities through a variety of sources, and advocates to have the voice of affected people heard in response decision making.

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Hydroelectricity Sector in Nepal
Status: Completed

Current climate variability and extreme events lead to major impacts and economic costs in Nepal. A recent Climate & Development Knowledge (CDKN) funded study on the economic impacts of climate change in Nepal (IDS, 2014) estimated that the annual cost of current climate variability is equivalent to 1.5% to 2% of current GDP. The study also found that climate change could exacerbate these impacts, leading to potentially much larger costs in the future.


Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit institution registered in Nepal.It aims to address the contemporary policy challenges, such as the gaps between policy and practice, and to influence public policy through rigorous ...more


NDRI conducts various projects related to interdisciplinary research and development. The projects can be grouped in four major areas as follows: -> Research on various issues; research projects are either initiated by NDRI itself or requested by other organizations...more


Science dies without publication. NDRI has published different books, research articles and reports to enhance the research capability and capacity of NDRI. For seeing all the publications...more

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