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Assignment name:

1. Electoral Support Project-Baseline Survey

Sources of funds: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Narrative description of Project:
The Electoral Support Project (ESP) was initiated by UNDP in 2008 in Nepal aiming at institutional strengthening and professional development of the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN). ESP aims at building and enduring sustainable institutional and professional capacity of the ECN, of its Secretariat and its district offices for easy and effective deployment in the future elections. This Phase II (2012-2016) project of UNDP focuses on operational support for future electoral cycles. For this, ESP needed to conduct a baseline survey to generate baseline data for the project’s indicators. Through competitive bidding process, Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) was selected to conduct this baseline survey. Therefore, the main responsibility of NDRI was to generate robust data that could be used to provide baseline information against which the impact of the project would be measured. This study included two different types of surveys: public knowledge and opinion survey and ECN staff survey. The public knowledge and opinion survey measured the level of public knowledge and awareness on elections and electoral process by interviewing 4,558 Nepali citizens of 18 years and above, in 21 districts across Nepal.

2. Assessment of Role of Community Forests (CFs) in CO2 Sequestration, Biodiversity, and Land Use change

Sources of funds: Asia-Pacific Network Global Change Research (APN), Japan

Narrative description of Project:
Community Forestry, a successful program for protecting and rehabilitating the forests has received highest priority from Government of Nepal since 1978. However, the studies on CO2 sequestration, species diversity, and land use change relevant to Community Forests (CFs) are limited. Therefore, this study aims to: estimate CO2 sequestration and document species diversity in selected CFs and analyse the role of CF in land use changes. It is expected that the outcomes of the project can be used to prepare CF operational plan, support policy and planning, and strengthen the decision making process of the users and management authorities. The projects activities started in August 1st 2009 and will end in July 30, 2010, were carried out in different locations of seven VDCs in the district. The specific assignment of Assessment of Role of Community Forests (CFs) in CO2 Sequestration, Biodiversity, and Land Use change has been undertaken by Nepal Development Research Institute for APN, Japan.

3. TA4842-NEP North-South Fast Track Road Project Nepal

Sources of funds: Asian Development Bank

Narrative description of Project:
Feasibility study on 'North-South Fast Track Road Project' was a study under Asian Development Bank (ADB) Technical Assistance, in association with Oriental Consult, Japan and ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd., Nepal. This study aimed to prepare an investment program that would improve the road links from East-West highway to the North-South corridor and thereby strengthen road connectivity to major economic activity centres and neighbouring countries. Specific tasks of the project: a) Develop indicators for economic impacts and set baseline data. b) Forecast traffic and execute economic evaluation. c) Prepare project financing plan. d) Review and suggest disbursement procedures. e) Develop draft project framework using PPMS. The TA assisted the government and ADB in formulating a possible financing program. The specific assignment included a feasibility study of the following projects: A four lane Kathmandu- Nijgadh Expressway (76 km), a two lane Budhune - Hetauda link road (18 km) and four lanes Nijgadh- Pathlaiya upgrading (18 km).

4. TA4347-NEP Transport Connectivity Sector Project

Sources of funds: Department of Roads, Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW)

Narrative description of Project:
This project was a collaborative study being conducted by NDRI in collaboration with Oriental Consultants, Japan and ITECO Nepal, under ADB technical assistance for feasibility study of transport network in the central and eastern development region of Nepal. The assignment included feasibility studies of improvement/ upgrading of the following roads: Galchi- Trisuli- Syaphrubesi major feeder roads (80 km), Tamakoshi- Manthali- Khurkot major feeder road (69km) and Phidim- Taplejung National Highway (86km). The TA's objectives were:
• Prepare a 10-year Transport Connectivity Program consistent with the RMP with a time-bound action plan to achieve overall sector objectives.
• Prepare a road investment sector project geographically focused and economically and technically feasible as well as socially and environmentally sound.
• Recommend measures to strengthen local contractor capabilities to improve and maintain roads.

5. Raising Her Voice:Promoting Poor and Marginalized Women's Participation in Governance in Nepal

Sources of funds: Women Security Pressure Group

Narrative description of Project:
The Women Security Pressure Group (WSPG) along with five other Oxfam partners is preparing to jointly implement a DFID-supported project entitled " Raising Her Voice: Promoting Poor and Marginalized Women's Participation in Governance in Nepal ". The project aims to contribute to breaking the discriminatory societal attitudes, belief and practices towards women and promoting their participation in governance, and thus to raise their voices in decision making structures. The main outcomes of the project comprised of:
• To collect the baseline data by applying appropriate methodology and that will later help measure the agreed indicators as contained in the project log-frame.
• To train and support the baseline study team members to collect baseline data from selected target communities in course of the base line study.
• To recommend modifications, if any, to the project log frame.

6. Review and Facilitation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the transport sector in Nepal

Sources of funds: World Bank

Narrative description of the Project:
The study on "Review and facilitation of public private partnership (PPP) in the transport sector in Nepal" was a World Bank funded project and implemented jointly by NDRI, Castalia Strategic Advisors, France and ICRA Management Consulting Services Ltd. (IMaCS), India. The main objective of the project was to determine the scope for structuring the proposed Kathmandu- Terai Fast Track Road Project as a Public Private Patnership (PPP) and delineate next steps.

7. Baseline Survey of Country Strategic Plan (2011-2015)

Sources of funds: Plan Nepal

Narrative description of the Project:
The baseline study covered all 5 impact areas of the current Country Strategic Plan, namely health, water and sanitation, basic education, household economic security, child protection and participation and child-centered disaster risk management. Six Program Unit Long Term Plans (PULTPs) covering 7 districts have defined the indicators of outcomes in each of above-mentioned programme areas. The baseline information was collected for all those indicators in PULTP.

8. Local Capacity Building for the Implementation of District Climate and Energy Plans (DCEP) in Illam district

Sources of funds: Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)

Narrative description of the Project:
The specific objectives of the project were:
• To map local stakeholders for the successful implementation of the DCEPs
• To conduct capacity development trainings/orientations/tools/modules to strengthen the capacity of local stakeholders for the implementation of DCEPs in the Ilam district
• To support DDC for identifying and implementation of DCEP demonstration site to increase the adaptive capacity of the local people

9. Spatial data for emergency preparedness

Sources of funds: WFP and United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA)

10. Developing seamless spatial data layers for emergency preparedness

Sources of funds: United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

11. Mapping of RCIW roads and conflict impact information

Sources of funds: United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

12. Mapping of arsenic information in terai region of Nepal

Sources of funds: UNICEF, Nepal

13. A spatio-temporal study on environmental and socio-cultural change in Pokhara

Sources of funds: Martin Chautari, Kathmandu

14. Mapping for natural resource and eco-tourism potential in Panchase region

Sources of funds: Machhapuchhre Development Organization (MDO)

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