Drama Show for Awareness Raising

Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) organised a drama show, titled" Mother's Immortal Love" from April 22-26 at Sarwanam Theatre, Anamnagar. The playwright of the drama was by Prof. Dr. Tara Nidhi Bhattarai. It was an attempt and initiation of NDRI to make everybody think about their responsibility in building earthquake resistant communities, which we failed to consider in the policy level-the lesson learnt from the devastating earthquake of April/May 2015. Divided on five shows,the stage show was attended by representatives from government bodies, political parties, NGO/INGOs, academia and public.

One day Free Health Camp on Nanglebhare, 2015

Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI), in collaboration with Nepal Eye Hospital & Turkey Foundation and Kantipur General & Dental Hospital , successfully organized Free Health camp on December 12, 2015 in Nanglebhare-02, Shankharapur municipality, Kathmandu. The camp facilitates the local patients with the various health services such as general checkup, dental checkup, gyneological checkup and counselling, including medicines and reading glasses distribution at no cost. Along with these, the local patients were provided with free surgery for Cataract, sponsored by Nepal Eye Hospital & Turkyey Foundation and Uterus prolapse by Kantipur General & Dental Hospital.

A Half day Symposium on Implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

Nepal Development Research Institute (NDRI) successfully organized a half day symposium on "Implementing Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030" on June 19, 2015, at Department of Agriculture, Hariharbhawan, Lalitpur. More than 100 high level authorities from Governmental agencies, Multilateral and Bilateral Donors, I/NGOs, academicians and sector specialists participated the event.

Three Days Crash Training Course for Post-Disaster Engagement

While Nepal is preparing for Rehabilitation and Reconstruction under the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (2015-2030) after the devastating Earthquake of April 25, 2015, a number of other national and international organizations have been equally active in the field of Post-Disaster reconstruction and rehabilitation. In this regard they are seeking young graduates and researchers to employ in various positions. Considering this blooming opportunity for fresh talents, NDRI has taken an initiative using the concept of 'Build Back Better' to provide a platform for eligible candidates interested to enroll at various NGOs and INGOs by organizing a "Three days crash training course for post disaster engagement".

Post-Earthquake Activities of NDRI in Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction

The attention of NDRI has been gravely drawn to the great earth quake of 7.9 Richter Scale of April 25 that destructed massive infrastructure in 14 districts of Nepal, claiming lives of 10,000 people and injuring 20,000 people. To response this earth quake ruination NDRI has broadened its research and developmental horizon by initiating its involvement in post-earthquake relief, recovery and reconstruction activities by conducting various activities such as brain storming interactions, press conference, counseling for community school, fund raising and visiting affected areas and preparing for reconstruction.

Sensitizing smallholder farmers through roving seminar on the use of climate services

Under the USAID project "Building Strengthening Generation and Climate based Agro-advisories Services to the Small holder farmers in Nepal, NDRI has been providing weather based agro-advisories services to the farmers since February 2015 in the four selected clusters located in Sinurjoda and Bananiya VDCs of the Dhanusha district. Aiming to sensitize the farmers of the pilot sites of Dhanusha district on use of such weather based agro-advisories services in their farming practices, NDRI team including experts from agriculture (NARC) and meteorology department (DHM) conducted roving seminar, from March 1 to 5, 2015. The main objectives of the seminar were

Exposure Visit of Smallholder Farmers to India: Learning from Sharing and Observations

In order to sensitize the farmers on using the weather based agro-advisories services in their farming activities and getting benefits in production, exposure visit to India was planned during the 3rd week of March 2015 under the USAID project "Building Strengthening Generation and Climate Based Agro-advisories services to the farmers in South Asia". This exposure visit to India was targeted to understand their mechanism and level of efforts, from both Government and farmer level, they are following and making in best use of such technologies to achieve high yield in the existing condition of changing climate and climate variability.

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